Brian Quebengco

BrianThemesI’m a pioneer of Gallup’s Strengths Psychology in the Philippines since 2000. I get excited coaching teams & individuals who strive for excellence and I also love engaging in extreme challenges. My field of practice is in Strengths-based Development, Strengths-based Selling, Entrepreneurial Strengths Coaching, Coaching & Development, and Strategic Human Resource Management.
I personally believe that everyone has talent and its important that we let the world see our greatness

Val Baguios III

ValThemesTrained and certified by Gallup, I am a strengths coach with a lifelong commitment to help people understand their unique talents and strengths. It is my belief that when you start understanding your greatest strengths, you unlock your potential to maximize yourself. You become intentional in making decisions about opportunities you need to take that would lead you to be fulfilled and highly engaged in your chosen career.